Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

So far today has not been the most awesome

Somewhere in this house are my work trousers though where i am not presently sure AHHH

Somewhere is the Cryptonomicon AHHH i was getting to really good bit DAM IT

somewhere is my calm , unemotional self he seems to have gone walkabout replaced by this edgy want to say how i feel nutter

I am sure its meant to be good thing that i have feelings and stuff agian but my head is all over the place right now

But at least i have attempted to atone for one of the most stupid mistakes i ever made FTW

Now coffee , some kinda of food and then work

tomorrow gym, attempt to meditate here on my own and lots more houswork and then next week i have the week off so this house is getting blitzed

I feel run down and shattered i am sleeping very well but oddly , i am tired all the time again which is bad but coffee is helping lots

BUT i will not not stop going to the gym and i will not stop trying to sort my head out
Tags: emotions, gym, meditation, run down, tired
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