Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

So my shoulder is pretty much stiff and hurting all the time , due to lack of something what felt like someone drilling a hole in my head from the inside out for two days

Everything is very real and thats odd and interesting and funny all at the same time

Tomorrow morning is The meditation class which is exciting and today i off to see Mr Gadge for coffee and thats also exciting , trying to eat better and that great.

The gym is a lot harder now but thats to be expected and the Mr Grindon has joined so i might have a gym buddy and thats ace

I was also accused of sounding like a wise old man ^_^ never thought that would be me but i suppose many experiences and many mistakes give me some insight and thats great

Last night saw district 9 and its AWESOME

I am re discovering music i used to love it feels like i found a part of myself that was lost somewhere somehow and it nice to see those thoughts again they bring a smile to myself that an younger more innocent me is still there somewhere.

Time for a bath and then coffee and then work and then home and hopefully sleep again

Tags: coffee, gym, meditation, sleep
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