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wow good day so far

My day has been a really bi polar day i spent 3 hours at the Buddhist centre, and a wonderful one hours class and some lovely chats and great food.


Got picked up by mr Tux in his fab Lotus Elise and then got wisked of to work in a call centre via home for a quick change of shoes and to grab headset

AHH my head feels kinda lost and a bit squirly LOL

I am really enjoying meditation now and my thoughts are much less random and busy YAY

Though the general amount of stuff i am doing with ym life appears to have increased by some crazy order of magnitude as i will now be volunteering before work a few days in the World Peace Cafe , and when not there be in the gym and when not there be in a meditation class.... all before work AHHH

And my social life sems to be stepping back up a few gears with things to do most weekends as far forward as i can plan which right now is the end of the year!

Everything is good but dam busy in my little world , shoulder still ouchy and back but great otherwise

Music has become massivly important to me again and i am back to reading and listening to music as my not doing things relaxing activity instead of tv or xbox , i find for some reason i have started to notice how music affects my mood in a really positive way

I really want to start going to gigs again and i am really looking forward to Dirty Filthy Sexy next Saturday as i get to see a couple of bands that have recently come to my attention, i also have to say good bye to the ever wonderful Mr Adam this is sad but i intend to go see him (if he lets me?)
Tags: buddhism, busy, happy, meditation, social, tux

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