Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

Nightmare ROCKED

Many years ago about 11 to be exact in Nottingham a night was started by some friends and i was at the first one and i shall be at the last one in a couple of months.

That night changed many things way beyond what anyone of us thought would happen, it helped merge different music styles, its effected the look of the time around it, it gave people like me who had goth/rock roots but loved dance music a place to go IN EFFECT IT WAS AMAZING

I went there last night and while it is less than it was its still GREAT

Many of my best memories have been at that night and some of my worst but i will always be grateful that i was in some way a part of it for a while

The night is Nightmare and it has been great all the parties all the people it was simply amazing

I cant begin to tell you all the things i have experienced since that night started but i was pretty much there at everyone one i could be until 2 years ago when i moved on.

I for whatever reason lost my ease in social situations and i stopped enjoying being in clubs.

I will never really know why that happened perhaps its growing up perhaps .......

Now my life is very different from when it started, back then i was married i owned a house, i had three cats , i was running my own IT business

Now in many ways i am enjoying my life more than i was and in some i am not, i am older and maybe wiser.

I have lost my need for the outside verification and lost my need to be that person.

But from time to time i do still enjoy a good night out and thats what last night was

I know i will miss Nightmare , i will miss knowing that its there no matter what is going on in my life.

SO this is a thank you to Gadge, Chris, Mat, Em, Leigh, Sarah, Charlie, Dylon, Adam, Mr Fox, Liv, Michael, Claire, Targ, Scarlett, Sprocket, Barry, Richard, Rako, Spoox, Carrie, Glyn another Mat and the many others that were there at those nights and parties.

It was one of those odd things that changes so many things for so many people.

So this is good bye i will be at the last one but i wanted to get this down while i was thinking about it and was feeling the correct way

So if your young and thinking you cant change anything DONT, sometimes for some reason you are a part of something that just bigger than anything else you have done and sometimes if you are very lucky you figure that out while its still happening.

We can all change things and we can all make our mark on the world

And even if we only make one person happy we have done something great, Nightmare made many people happy and gave a group of people a night to call there own, itwill always have a very special place in my heart
Tags: clubs, nightmare, party, people

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