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ok sorry ....update finally

Life is prety busy and frankly ACE right now, i am stunningly tired and happy all at the same time

One day i will tell you the reason for my happines but for the time being i dont really have a clear picture of what is happening so i defer to a later time. It is good though i choose not to label it and restrict the wonderous possibilties.

All i an say now is that i have renewed a freindship with a very special person , and when i think about that person i smile.

I am happy and life is good, i missed Adams leaving do partly down to feeling very run down and just overly tired.

I really do wish him well in his future he has been a close freind who i have shared many good times with and i will alays treasure those memories

I am spending increasing amounts of my time traveling between two houses which is odd and wonderful and has given me a lot of time to read,think and smile.

I am feeling very postive about life and very tired all at the same time it is wonderfully odd.

Sometime you decide to send a mesage or a text or make a call and wonderful unexpected amazing things happen, life is very odd and amazing.

Sometimes we dont see the amazing chances and possibilties open to us and at those times we are less than we could be BUT they are always there waiting to surprise us and bring a smile to our faces.

Recently i relaised i had made a mistake long ago and i hope i am making up for it, to be given that chaace is amazing

I am sorry this may not have made much sense i promise one day it will

Tags: happy, hopeful, tired

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