Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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So its all totaly fun and great

So i apeared to have been living at the Tinywonderfulladies house for most of the past seven days which is odd?

And VERY GREAT we are so wonderfully natural with each other and both kinda nervous *giggles*

Tomorrow night i am going to be at home for a couple of days so i can catch up with mail and housework and stuffs

I am happy and confused and today I COOKED and it was most yum

This morning i got coffee , kisses and croisants in bed i felt like a very lucky little me indeed

I can not begin to tell you all how great she is for me and to me

I plan to be at Nightmare next weekend which i am most looking forward to

I dont have a lot more to tell you all as i have been hiding at this place rather than my own so i have not seen many people or done very much

I am planning a holiday with ...and Mr Tux on a canal boat !!

My life is calmer and happier right now

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