Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke


So this morning i had a sit down with myself and i took a hard look at my finances and i need to reduce my outgoings and set up some more agreements with ppl i now seem to owe?

First step taken already as i am not attending the gym right now so i have put my membership on hold for six months and that claws back £35 a month

And tomorrow i will continue to sit down and call people and make arrnagements for payments but before that i have to make a proper incoming/outgoing chart thingy ma doodle

Spoke to housemate and looks like i will be moving aroundFeb/April next year as he is going back to Iceland and that a good target for me to get lots of things sorted

I have no hair again as i got bored of doing something with it everyday

And yes i still have a silly apparently cute smile on my face pretty much most of the time

So a quick synopsis money not good , rest of life great, me happy

Tags: happy, money, tired
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