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So its Autumn ...

This is my favortie time of year i simply love it......

Yesterday i went went ofr a walk with the tinywonderfullady we saw squirrells and lots of lovly trees and leaves and all sorts of Autumn wonderful`ness

I love the feel of this time of year and this year it is more special than last year or the year beforre as i have a lady i love at my side and she also loves this time of year

I am not going to go on about how much i am in love withher as i am sure you already know from previous posts.

Work is ok it will never be great but with meditation and being in love means i can easily cope with it.

I am eating very healthily and sleeping better than ever and waking up is always a wonderful surpising thing when i relaise it wasnt a dream and see her face smiling next to me.

The world seems to be a happier , nicer place right now

I am spending a lot fo next week at home in an attempt to start the throwing away of the STUFF which is by far the biggest step in the lead up to the moving itself sometime early next year.

Life is good fair reader and i am happy and for once i am not beating myself up about it or worrying about when it may go wrong.  For once i am simply enjoying my good fortune and happiness

I am not drinking at all right now and my only other vices right now are good food, love and coffee i am feeling very healthy indeed

I hope you are all enjoying this most special time of year as much as i


Tags: autumn, happy, leaves, tinylady, trees
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