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Right much good news

Right i sorted out the ASSHATS that call themselves Rossendales, i contact the council and as is my lawfukl right asked them to take back the debt and accept an instalment plan

Thanks to everyone who posted on the last post you advice was most helpful *hugs*

The people i spoke to were very nice and asked that i send them my income and outgoings which i have dutifully done i now await there more reasonable response, they have agreed to put the annoying asshats on hold until such time as i can come to an arrangement with them YAY

Then myself and the ever amazing and always beautiful[info]woodlandfae went out on a DATE , we went to derby and to Nando's and costa and then a short walk/wheel it was most fun and happy making !

I am pretty tired now but very very happy

I beleived i passed to wheelchair negotiation test W00T and my finances are looking a little happier

I feel most blessed and happy right now and life is good now time for a quiet night in watching films and huggling LOTS
Tags: asshats, date, debt, happy, money, tinywonderfullady
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