Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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A wonderful time was had...

Well yesterday i took [info]woodlandfae to the wonderful fun land of Nightmare, many old freinds were there, including but not imited to Targ, Spooks , Mr Fox , Shana and a host of delightful people.

I have a wonderful time and i think the TinyWonderfulLady did also , now i plan a few more short outings next weekend i would love to take her to the new modern art gallery and lunch.

there were a few issues but on the whole i think it went very well indeed and it was most lovely to vatch up with people.

I simply love spending time with Em she makes me smile all the time, she is so wonderful and delightful and brave and simply amazing to me and for me.

I thank (insert which ever deity you beleive in here) fior her being in my life agian

*happy bounce*

Tags: em, happy, nightmare, tinywonderfullady
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