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so another wonderful day off

Yesterday i woke up late and had breakast and coffee witht he ever wonderful and very pretty woodlandfae and the always fantastic Mr Tux

Then we watched some tv and decided to go out to Nandos for food which was most delightful and fun then came home and had a sleepy relaxed and comfotable evening of watching Merlin and Spooks on catchup.

Woke up this morning and had coffee and a bacon sammi and came into work i am working long shifts right now ( 6 days on , one off ) to get some more money coming in and more debts and things paid off !

I am pretty tired all the time but its ok i have snuggles wtih a pretty lady when i get out of this place

Overtime today so i am working 1400 - 2245 *yawn*

I am definatly looking for a new job as i am bored and tired of the stupidty of this place

Over all life is good dear reader , tiring but very good i am optimistic and thankful right now and i feel loved and blessed.

Also if any of you want a google wave invite just levae a commetn with your email address ^_^
Tags: fudz, fun, tinywonderfullady, tired, work
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