Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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odd sadness

I find myself feeling sad for some reason? I know paying my bills and debts is a good thing but it has left me feeling sad for some reason?

Its all rather odd, i wnated to spend some money on nice presents for the poeple i care about instead i paid things off. :-(

The up side is i have one more payday before christmas so i can still do shoppings YAYS but its not what i would have wanted i would have liked more time.....

And i still have to get my mum a birthday pressy with very little money :-(

oh well nothing i can really do excpet keep working insane hours and hopefully be clear of this nonsense soon, it just that i really enjoy christmas and i enjoy giving my loved ones nice things i know will make them smile.

i am just being silly i know but i wanted this yerar to be exciting and stuffs i know i am just being a big child but Christmas should be exciting and special and i want to it to be

instead i am left feeling oddly pessimistic about life ............

Oh well better get back to answering the phones
Tags: christmas, pay day, sad, work
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