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not been here much sorry

Been unwell and massively run down recently and it caught up with me a few days ago , it started with a stabby pain of doom in my right , and proceeded to make my neck stiff and hurt like hell and then made my chest feel all tight and odd and not good at all.

Took 2 days of work was intending o see the doc on Monday but i am feeling much better after a few days rest and chilling the the TinyWonderLady

Life is pretty quiet and not much of any note is happening, i spent a lovely 3 days at home last week with woodlandfae and it was a most fun and enjoyable few days

Back at work tomorrow and i have spent a lovely day eating and chatting and playing on my laptop with lots of huggles YAY

Just ate the MOST AWESOME DELICIOUS PIE EVER - M&S Ultimate Shepherds pie really is AWESOME yum, brought for me by my love FANKS

life is good and quiet and chilled and wonderful good freinds , good time, a very beautiful, intelligent and funny lady and good food make me a happy boy indeed
Tags: fudz, huggles, tinywonderfullady, work
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