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So a new advenure of sorts

Its that time of year for my upgrade and a enw phone , now i am very picky when it comes to these things and having done my research i happily poddled off to Carephonewarehouse to get my new HTC Hero.

BUT there was a catch my upgrade woudl only happen now if i did it via Vodafone ??????

So off i poddled to the Vodafone shop and my choices with Android were limtied to the HTC Tattoo (a budget phone with a screen that a few sites have moaned about) And the HTC dream a lovely phone but i really didnt get on with the styling and it doesnt look like it will get Andriod 2.

So noit an Andriod phone then BUT WHAT ELSE would i like.

Then i saw the Blackberry Bold 9700 ..... i have always thought i woudl like a blackberry but never got one for a host of reasons....but i thought why not?

I spoke to teh lady she wasnt very bright and actually set me up on the wrong contract without the blackberry sevrices??

After a bit of playing and a call to vodafone this was sorted and i have to say its the most amazing, wonderful, delightful and strange phone ever i am still very mjuch getting used to the Blackberry way of doing things but i am loving it and the phone very muchly

It is one of the most capable and well put togther phones ever the speed it gets my email is shocking and that alwasy connected feeling makes me smile.

Adding the apps for facepants and twitter was super easy and with 3g, wifi and all the others the speed is awesome

So will i go back to a non blackberry phone perhaps ...will i miss all this goodness YES
Tags: blackberry, phone, vodafone
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