Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

Ok wierd few days

When last i posted i was about to go get an Ameoba husar MTB ....due to the stupid snow this was impossible and the bike was sold to someone else, i was sad but thats how these things are

THEN 3 hours later this came on ebay and the tinywonderefullady has brought it for me and i will pay her back

Now apart from being the one make I LOVE and the one model of bike i have brought 4 times THIS IS the bike i built and custom modded and then had to sell due to smashing my shoulder it even has my custom sticker and drop outs and  disc brake setup with the custom rota's 

And race face parts instead of the standard

So this is the perfect bike for me


Tags: bike, happy, tinywonderfullady
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