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Confused in a whirlwind of changes

 Life is gearing up to madly hectic in the next few months, i either need to find a new housemate or a new house within the next two months, i had a telephone interview yesterday and will have a face to face interview for a job starting the 1st of feb SUPER EEK

And much looking after the tinywonderfullady as she is going into hospital on the 8th for an operation

I am a bit stunned but i know i will handle these changes well, as soon as a have a spare 5 mins i will have to get a passport as well

I have to get back to my house for a week or so so i can throw away lots of crap that i simply no longer need.

My finances are getting sorted and hopefully new job should help, must also find time to ride my wonderful new bike and get back to the gym

My diet has also changed i am now mostly a pescatarian this change was motivated by a desire to eat in a more healthy manner and is also easier when i am around thetinywonderfullady as she is a vegetarian

I have also cut down my drinking to virtually none which is great and very healthy

I am happy and well and excited but sometimes feeling a little lost in the crazy fun whirlwind which i know is normal for me so thats all good 

I will keep you all updated as and when wonderful changes occur

And on a lighter note according to my lovely girlfreind this is me??
Tags: changes, diet, healthy, job, moving, tinywonderfullady, work
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