Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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strange but rewarding times

Life is wonderfully quiet and calm right now, i am going for an interview on Thursday for a new job and thats amazing and i am spending a lot of time in with my wionderful and simply amazing partner the ever beautful woodlandfae and i feel very blessed to have her company.

I am nearly ready to start riding to wrok just waiting for the weather to wamr up a bit.

I am not very happy with my body right now i have put on a bit of weight i need to remove it from my body asap

I am looking forward to the changes i am know are coming and the new challenges a new job will give me,

I am worried about the tinywonderfullady as her op is coming up but the best and only thing i can do is be supportive and hold her when she needs it. So i will do that to the very best of my ability

Also i now have notes on how to clean her house so i may perform my maid duties exactly as she requires YAY

I must get back to my own house and start the dreaded throw away of all the crap i seem to have built up

I really can not wait to get out and thrash my new bike and feel alive in that special way riding does for me.

And soon back in the gym YAY

I am resolved to delve deeoper into Buddhism and increase my understanding and meditation to help calm me more

I am content right now which is a evry odd state for me to be in for some reason, I now find i want to change my job and move house jsut to shake things up a bit.

Life is great and chilled and quiet right now and i am looking forward to many things and dreading others

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