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ok odd few days time for a catchup

Hey there ^_^

The job interview went really well well in fact they offered me the job YAYs , in fact they offered it me while showing me arround BUT i will not be taking it.

it turns out it was all set early starts AND it was in outbound (calling them instead of them calling me) Debt collection AND it was a huge team AND i would not get the time off for to Look after Tinywonderfullady.

So in the end all things considered i am staying put here for the time being but i am still on the hunt for something better.

On the whole i am pretty dam happy with life right now YAY

Work is ok now i have seen something far worse it has made me appriciate what i have here.

I need to find time to clear out my current house ready for the move and i need to find time to go to more meditation classes and i need ot find time to go to the gym

On the whole i am looking for TIME LOTS OF TIME PLEASE

It doesnt seem like i can buy it on EBAY dam it

I am now all ready after the bike has been for it service to start riding to work which will be GREAT and with my new healthier diet should help me LOADS

So on the whole i am enjoying life i need to find more time to enjoy it even more and that will happen as i get ready for the move to the `burbs
Life is slowing down and i am enjoying this new sedate pace

I am so so so so looking forward to riding my bike i am like a small excitable child opn christmas thank you LOADS AND LOADS to the ever amazing and always beautiful woodlandfae 
Tags: bike, ebay, moving, pleased, riding, time, tinywonderfullady

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