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Quietly changing and moving forward

 So the past couple of weeks has been very quiet, i have been staying in and looking after the TinyWonderfulLady after her op, i have had the time to complete all sorts of little projects.  I spent yesterday moving to a new Email client Evolution this was prompted by the fact that it is the default email client for GNOME and i wanted to sync my Blackberry with Linux and therefore with the excellent UbuntuOne cloud

I can happily report that the move went well and after a bit of playing around so did my sync YAY

Last week i finally got round to making Ubuntu look the way i want with customer icons and a custom theme (see image at the bottom of this post) I am very very pleased with it indeed

I have also cleaned up my system so it is now  way way way faster and should sync with my Custom Xbox YAY

Today i am spending the day cleaning and tidying the lounge giving it a hoover and pop to the shops to get a few things.

I am continuing my detox and my next target is alcohol and my diet is getting a lot better YAY

I am also starting to find an interest in Geocaching and once my bike is fully restored i will be loooknig for hidden internet treasure YAY

Also i have revived my love of GTA 3 and it is a still a most wonderful and fun and engrossing game YAYS 

I am finding this more sedantary thoughtful and caring lifestyle very pleasent and spending LOTS of time with woodlandfae to be great and amazing i am also getting the hang of this housework deal YAYS 

I love cooking tasty , healthy food and just being given a chance to help someone else out is good and fulfilling something in me   

Tags: evolution, geocaching, gnome, gta3, tinywonderfullady, ubuntu, ubuntu one, xbox
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