Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

So wow busy and happy

I took my most awesome and most amazing bike in for a new cassete , chainrings, chanin and rear mech and then it should be all ready for spring/summer fun and getting aboutness YAYS

It was a tiring day yesterday as i rode to see a freind in long eaton, then rode to leasure lakes and dropped my bike off becoming a VIP memeber while iw as there and then i walked back to Risley from Breaston PHEW

Then once i got in cooked a wonderful fake sausage casserole for me Shiny Dunc and woodlandfae

Today is work again after i have washed some pots tidied the kitchen and washed and dried some clothes

I have applied to go down to 30 hours at work so i can spend more time with woodlandfae and riding, work is pretty much last on my list of important things but it does make it onto the list unlike previous years ^_^

I have carefully assesed my finances and now i have many loans paid off and have no more payday loans i can easily afford the £100 drop in wages + i can make that up in commision anyway

Right i must away to make coffee and get some marmalde on toast YUM

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