Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

oddly melenocholic

Today my wonderful Sony Walkman stuck on VNV Ntaion Endless skies and it then got stuck on a VNV loop ...All those song that i danced to, got off my head to hugged , cried and laughed to.

It has caused me to be oddly sad and happy its all very odd i really enjoyed those years and those time with all those wonderful people in all those wonderful places

I remember screaming the words to Standing with Gadge and hanging with Ronan ......good times in long lost nights in long gone venues 

I am really enjoying my life now BUT i miss how alive i felt then how i felt that i was really part of something bigger than me

I know that life is better now and i know that i was really a mess most of the time BUT it was amazing and fun.

Life is better for me now more than it has ever been and i am happier than i have been but i miss those highs even though they alwasy brought those lopws with them i couold accept that being stable and together is something better but its also missing something ?

I know this isnt making much sense and i know i am just rambling but its something i needed to get out and thats what this place is for 

Tags: endless skies, gadge, nightmare, spiders, the old vic, vnv
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