Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

life is good

So now that my life is a little more settled its time to turn back to the getting fit again, back in gym on Thursday and now i am part time i will have more time to spend there and here with woodlandfae 

I am going to start riding to work a total of about 10 miles once or twice a week and use tat as my cardio workout 

And that means more time with resistance and free weights in the gym 

I am loving life as whole right now i cant wait to be fitter and toned again and i know it wont take long

I have nearly got a £2000 loan finalized and that will let allow me to pay off ALL the remaining debts i have and thus will further reduce my outgoings by about £60 a month and will help sort out my credit rating.

So happy , fitter, more sorted me yes indeed things are good in my world

I hope your all well and happy 

Tags: bike, cardio, gym, loan
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