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Alan Clarke

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Project Fittening continues apace

So spent most of yesterday with the fantatic Mr Tux and the Always wonderful and pretty woodlandfae , went to leisure lakes and brought some Specialized cross road tires  also got a small under seat pack for keys and such like and finally got some AWESOME Fox Sidewinder gloves  in red which means my near daily comute of around 8 miles should be much easier, also changed the Inner tubes.

So it was a most productive day , also went for a random drive all over derbyshire with the fantastic Mr Tux in his AMAZING Lotus Elise Millenium edition

We went to Calk abbey, formark resevoir,  draycott, melblourne , littleover , mickleover and many many other places IT WAS ACE at night on country roads in THAT and it looks like this

Tags: awesome day, bike, fittening, lotus, tinywonderfullady, tux
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