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good things not so good things

So the fittening continues and that is great i am riding more and loving it more the more i ride , being far more aware of the food i am eating , taking the time to walk to the bus stop a mile away instead of just the cloest one and drinking less.

ONE part i am having a hard time with is the vegi thing in fact i am failing BUT i am sure i will get it and in the meantime i am far more aware of the food i am eating and i am eating better food.

I can already see a chnage in my body and starting next week i will be hitting the gym again YAY

woodlandfae is as alwasy suportive and encouraging and all round wonderful, waking up next to her and coming home to her are sometimes the best parts of the day.

MY finanaces are slowly getting more and more sorted, and within the next few weeks the BIG clear out of the other house will commence and after that a move to Long eaton or beeston me thinks

Hopefully Plasticviking will be joining me in the new house and life will continue in this rather wonderful view for sometime to come YAY

SO this is a postive and happy post and good things are happeneing and i am making postive changes

I hope life is good for you dear readers?

Tags: bike, fittening, gym, tinywonderfullady
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