Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

SO healthy food eating day

Breakfast will be honey granola with Yoghurt, then while at the gym i will have a protein shake, and then at work i will have a innocent veg pot chilli and smoothie 

My hot drinks for today will be one wonderful fairtrade single estate coffee , and lots of green tea i have 2 type just green tea organic fairtrade AND Green tea with ginseng and raspberry which is very YUM and healthy thank you lots to woodlandfae for the green tea noms

This is a good start and will help me with my tummy problem and help me feel better


here is to the healthy YAY

I am still aching a lot but i will happily be back in the gym today , life is good right now i am slowly working myself out of debt and that great, i have a wedding to attend on Saturday and i have a new linen suit YAY

And i am totally in love right now and everything is ACE
Tags: food, gym, healthy, tinywinderfullady
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