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Getting better all the tiiime

So drinking lots of green tea and i have cut down my coffee intake LOTS and i am feeling lots better.

eating better and wokring out lots i am feeling all perky and bouncy

Started paying off my credit card and debts are continuing in the paid off direction YAY

I went to a most wonderful wedding and it was all very delightful and i wish the bride and groom all the very beast for the years that await them.

The next BIG step is to reduce my eating even more and cut out as many carbs as possible

AND to keep my finaces going in the right direction towards no debt YAY

so life is going well i am starting to wokr in computers agian and this is very exciting its a small project and no realy pay but it is something that interests me.

I am thinking of an open uni course in something IT/IS related and i finally feel like i can start being a more settled and productive person,

I am happy that i have lived the way i have until now and i will never completly leave my party days behind but i am not interested or even that bothered about going out every weekend and getting out of my head

Life is good and quiet right now and i like that
Tags: gym, healthy debts, open uni, party
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