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questions questions questions meme

Comment to this post with "What are these fucking iguanas doing on my coffee table?" and I'll ask you five questions. Answer them and repost the meme in your own journal until we all get sick of questions

These question come from the most delightful notgothdammit 

1. You've made some huge changes to your life. Are you doing this because you want to, or because you think you should?

Wow ok...both in part a lot of the impetuous came from boredom and seeing no other way forward.  The party boy lifestyle was great but to be really great something has to have an end before it becomes stale. So i ended up single without my partner in crime and that left me pretty lost for a while.  I eventually came to the conclusion i wanted/needed something new.

Then it just seemed the logical step to move forward and upward as fast and as much as i wanted , so be heathier , sort out my finances, get rid of the stuff i didnt like about myself  and i have never been a person to do things by halves so i decided if i was going to change it had to be all or nothing.

And some then i re met woodlandfae and that gave me a new direction and more ability to be the person i now wanted so i embraced that opportunity.

I have not finished i want to be a lot fitter, a lot more driven and just more from myself this life is a gift i dont plan to waste it

next on my agenda is an open uni course

2. What would be your ideal job?

I hate to admit it but i still dont know there re so many things i want to try and do like working as a barista in small independent coffee shop, working in a gym might be fun... on the whole i dont have an answer to that one yet

3. Do you like sweet or savoury?

Savoury most of the time cheese IS GREAT

4.If you had to be either deaf or blind for the rest of your life, which would you pick and why?

Deaf i need to see i know what its like not seeing very well and i value my sight very greatly my life is a very technical one and i love computers and more than that i LOVE and NEED to read books and learn.

5. Do you think humans have a soul?

Yes i do but not in a Christian sense more in a Buddhist sense where there is a part of us that goes on forever being changed and re incarnated and learning and growing and eventually reaching outside of that cycle.  That makes more sense to me learning and knowing are things i hold very dear
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