Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

ok so lots of success and now moving on

So my finances are looking most rosy indeed i have paid many things off and this is great !

I am not overly happy about my body and i have decided to keep a food dairy to help motivate myself into eating the right things.

My aim is lower carbs , higher protein and more vitimins

So i am re purposing this journal for the time being to keep a record of what i am eating mostly as a way to show myself where i am going wrong etc

So healthy lower calorie lower fat breakfast with a protein shake and then every other day the gym and on gym off days ride to work 9 miles there 9 miles back

low fat, low salt, lunch of somekind i am thinking a wrap or a chicken and vegatable pasta salad

and then a healthy tea when i get in

I am still riding to work often and while i have had a couple of weeks off the gym i will be back tomorrow

simple supplements to my diet including the omega oils to help as i dont really like eating fish

And keep lots of vegetables and whole grain bread and rice

life is pretty good and i am happy

I hope you are all too>?

Tags: diet, gym, health, money
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