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Wow so lots of stuff and no posts sorry

So i have been v busy recently with work and my new project 365 of 35 and posting lots there and kinda neglated this journal. (sorry)

I am loving posting pics of pretty much everyday and finding it challenging and fun.

I have been to Poole on holiday with woodlandfae and that was ace and you will many pics on my tumblr soon

We did so many cool and ace things including the fantastic MONKEY WORLD which was AWESOME , also a trip to the amazing Brownsea island where we did the tractor tour which was an ace way to see the place and took many pics there.

Also went to the Lulworth cove which is so so so so beautful and i SWAM IN THE SEA!!!!

I had an ace time with all the poeple i went with and will always treasure the memories of an ace holiday in an amazing place with a wonderful lady i love

Other than that work is a nightmare always and i really need to get a new job but i am finding it hard to find a job that "does" all the things this one "does" like the hours and pay and everything.

The big house throw away and clean and tidy is going well and i am going there again this weekend and continuing.

Looking to move before christmas with my wonderful housemate and his girl or maybe just on my own not sure yet

I am loving my Xbox 360 and all its HD goodness and i think on friday my day off i will attack the front romo with much vigor

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