Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

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odd day, sad day perhaps?

Well it seems woodlandfae  and myself are not together right now , and maybe no together at all.

I love her ...and i dont know ?

I miss her every minute i am not with her .........................

BUT i am not going to force this and i am going give her the time that she need and address any issues, perhaps we can make this work , perhaps not i simply dont know

I am also not going to turn to the clubs and parties and the drink and stuffs

Instead i am going to tidy my house get ready for a new stage in my life whatever that may be i hope it is with her .....but i accept if its not.

Losing myself wont help me find her i can count myself lucky i have learnt and matured perhaps a little.

small steps and honesty and geniune love this is my plan
Tags: los, lost, sad
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