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Alan Clarke

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mojo ....mojo...ahha there you are

 I think i am finding my mojo again...this is good

I am less lost iost in a sea of random emotions which is GREAT

I have sent a few texts clearly showing how i feel, i am ready to wait if thats what it takes and i am planning on throwing myself into the gym,work, meditation and reading for the time being

Not looking or even thinking about anyone else and dont really find this a problem i am happy to leave this one up to the universe and wait and see.

I am still in love and i think i will be for a while ...but there is nothing more i can do or i am backing away from the situation and leaving it alone and concentrating on my life

I will be ok ....i always am ok

So not happy but no longer an emotional wreck and i know i really tried this time and i have changed for the better in so many ways and i take away many great memories and i will always treasure those

So now to sort my monies out with mucho overtime and full time ness and while doing that many more visits to the Akshobya centre for many meditation courses and much time in the gym

Its funny in many ways the lady that changed me more than anyone else is the one i never thought i would see again?

And we were so great together and i am prepared to wait i KNOW we were special and i KNOW how much she means to me all i can do is wait and chill and sort myself out


Tags: gym, lost, meditation, monies

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