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I have decided to re kindle and old love....movies....i used to love and truly enoy visiting theBroadway cinima and pretty m uch live in there cafe, so i am becoming a member again and gettng a cineworld unlimited card and i am going watch movies LOTS of movies

other than that life is ok....getting better...

I am slowly getting used ot being on my own again and have been through the "get out of my head" stage and it only lasted a week this time YAY

Now i am on the change my life for the better part and this is also going well

So a new hobby and a tidier house and more hours at work and more time in the gym

I am loving music agian its awesome i love losing myself into a great album and a great book

so life isnt great but its not awful either

I had a small issue bouncing round my head something i had promised someone and now i have fulfilled that it feels better

I still miss woodlandfae  ....i suppose i will for a while and i would still jump at the chance to have her back in my life in some way or another but.....oh well

I know on this one i loved her as much as i could and i really tried and did whatever i could if i have lost this one then so be it, and i know i wasnt perfect but this time i really did try to be better

Tags: gym, house, lost, love

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