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yes i get it and yes i comply

Right i am not the type to sit around and mope and i am not the type to worry i have been told where i failed and how mostly so....

Time to start getting on with it

Firstly MY room need a re organise and move around to accomodate the tv and stuff (my bed frame is in the way)

So the shelves that are downstairs and unused are coming up here and the drawers and the tv are going mostly in one corner, this is better for viewing and allows me to put stuff in a place here YAY

Then with the shelves out of the way it makes more room for my bike and things

Tomorrow i return to my morning meditation that i let slip so an half an hour to an hour in each day comtemplating and changng the inside as well

Also the gym so i change the outside

AND i am bringing back my one day a month fast just water on that day and it shall be
the third saturday of every month

So here goes i will make the most of my now vast free time and cant wait for this new stage

I had to lose myself so i could find a new one and yes its been costly and its going to take a few months for me to get financially on my feet again but at least i am not saving up for anything now

And i am full time at work and will take any overtime they can give me

So keeping v busy and making the changes i want

One of the few things i am sure is my abilty to chnage to be flexible and adjust v quickly on the whole i still dislike a lot about me but my flexabilty is something i am proud of and know i can rely on

So...yes the past week or so has been fun and hrad and draining but i now know who i am again...and its parts on the old me and new parts all mixed up to make a new new me YAY

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