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wow so more change

Well yes i do think so .... i am meeting with GIFT on friday and hopefully will walk out with a new job YAY

I have been here in the call centre of doom for four years and i am simply no longer happy here

So yes i am doing everything i cna to get me uot of here and into something new and street fundraising sounds kinda ace and sounds like i would be good at it

Its a little scary but i think it will improve my life a lot

in other news life is going pretty well ...single'ness seems to suit me and i my life has been a simple m,ix of work work work and sleep and reading.

As soon as i have more tijme and am in my new job the socialising will start again i am sure

I am going out on a bike ride witha  very pretty lady who is one of my oldest freinds and one of my most dear on saturday and this pleases me muchly

and back in the gym thought i still need to spend even more time there

tomorrow will be my first day off in a a couple of weeks nearly EEEK and i am lokoing forward to the massive amounts of housework i will have to conquer

Tags: content, happy, work
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