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mistakes and emotional burdens

 I have just sent a message and an apology that i should have done a very long time ago

Meditation is helping me uncover some of my issues and this is good

I still have my ace job at Gift but had an emotional breakdown on the street on friday

i am not sure why i am so openly emotional these days i did not used to be?

On monday i will be in Lincoln and have to get three signups or get fired

Its ok though because i have tried my best and will do it and if then i lose the job and if that happens i can always temp for a while

today will start with a fry up for me and mr Tux and then we make the kitchen sparkly

I am hoping this will be the start of a new improved happier me

I have made a lot of mistakes and hope to correct them and some odd thought patterns to change BUT i will and i can change for the better

Simple goals each day today no cutting and clean the kitchen and get an early night

Tomorrow three signups and keep my job

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