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so i have started

 My recent good mood has allowed me to start taking control of my life again , doubled with my new found'ness 

So i have sorted out my room , got my certificates sorted and made lots of enquires into social based work and the qualifications needed 

I am starting to like life again and have a confidence and a smile i have not had in some time

I can look back now on the past few months and i am ok...sad ..but not upset

I was more stressed than i have ever been and was worried for myself at the same time.

I have never before contemplated ...ending it but this time i did.

I can only thank my friends for being there and being amazing

The next few months are going to be tough ones i suspect , i have a lot of changes to make and staying single as a choice for the first time in my life is going to be interesting

I know who i want by my side though and i am ok with waiting

I am not ready to give up i thought i was but ,,,,,no ...i am now ready to fight for a new life and change again

So its ok i am ready for this and i have a plan to chnage my life to something that makes a difference

I have had my party years and i am happy leaving them for the most part in the past

Now its time to get a job that makes a difference in the world a job i can believe in
Tags: determined, happy tired, ready
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