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so a quick recap

 So...i was watching TV ad a lot of shows have a "what happened before" kind of recap


Turned 35 this year and pretty much had the worse time since then, my birthday was fun and then an amazing holiday and then got dumped, changed jobs, got fired....ended up hating myself a lot and insanely confused, lost and depressed


then my friends came to my rescue YAY and now there are so many good new things in my life, i have a future....and plans and a smile again

I have cried, self harmed, got so wrecked i couldn't remember my name and seriously considered suicide in the past 3 months  ......but a new start while hard at first ALWAYS means new things and sure we may have liked the old things BUT they are gone.

And still have so much ahead of me , so many new things and so many new plans

And yeah i am crying as i write this but its ok because some part of me will always be sad that things didn't work out , but now i have a new life to be getting on with.

So a crazy, sad, depressed start to my 35th year of my life........but i am turning that around ^_^ and i know i there is a long hard road ahead of me, but i also know that this is one of the most pivotal and important years of my life.

The decisions i make now will be the basis of an amazing and beautiful life  

And by the time i am 36 my life is going to be amazing.

So this is to everyone out there who has lost someone, or been fired or is just in a bad place right now, i know its scary and daunting and everywhere you look you just see problems you have not got the strength to handle right now.  It will get better and you will find yourself and a life again.

And if you need someone , most of you know my mobile number and the rest know my email
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