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ok so much to tell you

 Firstly i suppose the big news is that i am engaged YAY *superhappybounce*

I am so so so happy right now

Spent the past week with my wonderful , amazing and all round awesome fiancée and not doing much else but sitting talking and kissing it has been most awesome

My life has changed a lot and i am still catching up so having this time with each other has been amazing 

Still looking for a new job and then a new house but i am ok taking it easy right now

I kinda like the idea of free money and my rent being paid by "the man" for a little while at least

We have decided that when we have money again we are saving up to go to Vegas and get married by Elvis YAY

So life is wonderful and quiet and happy

hope you guys are all well and happy also???
Tags: engaged, happy, jc, love, married
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