Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

to all the haters out there

 Firstly ....i love Jacey.....she has changed my world , made my life a better place, given me a reason to feel hope  again...and so so much more

Secondly i would do the same again if it led to more nights with her and more waking up next to her.

Thirdly i wish it had not have happened the way it did a perfect world no body would have gotten hurt, but hey this world is far from perfect.

BUT no i am not sorry and no i will not regret or feel guilty....i did what i had to and i would again

Love doesnt make sense, it doesnt always happen at the right time or in the right short it does not constrain itself to our perceived moral virtues or social etiquette 

And i fell in love ... and she has with me and that is what matters here...two people making it work and finding something more than themselves

So...this is to those people out there that think the way this happened was in some way incorrect  ....your right and so very very very wrong 

And yes i hold my hands up...but know this  we did everything we could to question and stop this and its bigger than i am is all i can say

I did not take any action lightly or without thought ...but in the end all i could do admit i am completely and utterly and wonderfully in love

And i can not and will not deny that...and nothing anyone can say will change that...

And finally here is to the people i call friends.....thank you for your hugs , your congratulations and your understanding you are all amazing people and i love all of you.

Tags: jc, love
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