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Alan Clarke

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so yeah i am ready

Life can be good .... i know that i have been through hard times and depression before and i will come out the other side again.

I am getting there, i have a few more scars and i have a new perspective, but its a nice day out there and i have started it well.

I am fasting today...partly for self discipline  and partly because i would like to detox so i am only drinking water and green tea today until night fall when i plan to eat some home made vegetable rice as i have found sleeping is very hard for me if i am hungry.

Work is going really well i have had a few days where i was just keeping it together enough not to cry or breakdown but i did do that and that great.
I am enjoying the new office and environment and i am loving all the new learning.
Today i plan to keep cleaning and tidying and meditating but not be too hard on myself.
As soon as my pay starts i am sorting a passport and starting saving and my pension again, and plan to take a holiday later in the year.
So i am ok and i am moving forward and allowing myself time to adjust
Tags: detox, fasting, holiday

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