Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

So i am getting it sorted

 I have a had a few hard weeks, but i have taken the time i needed to give myself, done well at work, meditated a lot and relaxed.

NOW the change has stated again.

I have engaged the services of Baines and Ernst as i am really crap at opening letters and really good at avoiding sorting my debts, i have tried a few times and been semi successful, but not completely.

So i have decided to let them take control and pay them one amount and let them deal with the people on my behalf.

There is an admin fee of £35 when they clear my debts but they are stopping interest and charges so its still a win.
I have gathered all the letters and will fill the form in when it arrives and nice lady will pick it up Friday night.
They expect everything to be cleared by the end of the year and i no longer need to worry, i just pay them £100 a month
On the whole i am ready again to sort my life out
I am in a positive mood i let myself be depressed and that what i needed to do and its done.
Healthy food, gym and walking to and from work everyday
Its a start and a good one i am happier and i feel positive
These are the times we learn and these are the times we need, if i defeat depression and the hard times i am stronger simple
Tags: better, debt, depression, fitter, gym
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