Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

a quiet weekend

I have done very little this weekend....this has been good, i sorted out a few boxes of stuff from under my bed, with the aim of clearing out and throwing away stuff i no longer need.

I am getting ready for the next phase of my life and i know that will not happen in this house so a move sometime this year is likely.

It has left me feeling a little sad but that ok.

I have also taken the same steps online and removed lots of ex friends and people i no longer really speak to from facebook and removed and deleted lots of online accounts.

Pay day Friday and Saturday all being well will be new gym day.

If i keep sitting around this house then there is no way i will move on, so getting myself back out there is imperative.

Watched the excellent Game of Thrones this weekend and a great friend came over to indulge my love of Sigur Rós

So its time to drink my coffee , grab a shower and a shave and get myself to work.

I have also partly arranged a Holiday to see the lovely and always wonderful eglantinedreams  in July for my birthday YAY.


Tags: clearing out, gym, moving on, sad

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