Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

new meditation and confusion

Last night i learnt a new meditation called the Metta Bhavan and it kind of blew me away, i found it very hard to generate a feeling of compassion toward me but very easy to do it for a friend (Mr Tuxman)

Work is confusing me its not a call centre like any i have worked in before which is a good thing BUT i dont really get it, i am mostly answering emails and this is ok but the tone and way they want me to answer is confusing me.

I dont feel settled here .......i know i should be good at this but i dont appear to be at all , in fact the opposite appears to be mostly true

So i am being mindful and doing what i can to improve, and wondering if Nottingham is no longer where i should be.

Perhaps i need to start looking for a massive change in my life to a new place with a new start.

This is all for now


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