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so...back to work and Buddhism

A long three day weekend has been fun and given me time to relax and chill out with some very good friends and it was much needed.

I am still sad a lot of the time and wondering where i went wrong, i think i have a least figured out a part of the problem which is my self dislike.

I am sorting this out and meditation is helping LOTS

I am super looking forward to my holiday in July and hopefully  seeing eglantinedreams 

I have been contemplating my path in life and where i go from here inevitable conclusion is that this house and maybe Nottingham are no longer a good fit for me.

So i am still throwing away stuff and things i no longer need but only kept because they were there, i need to streamline and minimise the "thing and stuff" in my life.

I suppose i will find happy again.......i am deliberately not looking for it, i am ok simply being ok right now.


I have just been let holiday may be off *sadface*
Tags: holiday, meditation
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