Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

lost again 6 weeks time ish i shall be dad ..and i am honestly excited about it BUT at the same time i know Jacey will be moving out soon as she keeps alluding to "things changing" i assume she means the living situation.

So i shall be on my own in this house again.........and i dont want that....

My new job is AMAZING and i love it and hopefully it heralds a new and more financially secure future.

I think i need to move house to a flat somewhere i can call home............

I am not sure i want to stay in Nottingham but my job is here so here i stay.

I am sad a lot of the time right now and feel so lonely and lost.

I dont really know how to deal with all these emotions so instead i am throwing myself into my work and vaguely ignoring them
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