Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke


Leaving the house v early to pop to West Bridgeford to pick up a Cannon Ixus 500 digital camera that has been gifted to me by a lovely couple called Mary and Bill (thanks to Freecycle)

Life is good....i am still insanely stressed ALL the time but i am dealing so no biggy !

Feeling Mia kick and turn IS STILL SO SO SO AMAZING it blows my mind every time to know that soon i will be a dad!

Had a bad day at work yesterday after moving up a campaign i proceeded to get no sales AT ALL???

But putting that behind me i fully intend to SMASH it today

I came across a truth in a book i am reading 

"Children hate money as they see it for what it really is, A thing that every adult seems to want but never has enough off, too many adults argue over it and most fathers are gone for 8 hours or more a day to get it?, Children just want there parents around and to be happy"

*peace out people*
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