Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

so and more changes

I have been thinking a lot recently and meditating and i am feels weird saying that but its true i am.

I love being a papa (dad) and i love my baby girl here are some pics

Pics of Tinysmall

I am pretty tired as i am working hard but i enjoy my new job a lot, I am also kinda stressed about my lack of house in 20 days time...but i also know i have a crazy habit of landing on my feet so its cool.

About to go over and see Mia and her mum and spend an evening and maybe a night with them both.

I love sleeping there because i can hear Mia and even though i may be asleep part of me is'nt

Life is good right now, i intend to meditate more and i really want progress more on the Buddhist path i have been kinda stagnant in that respect, last year was a hard one and i would like to move on now both as a father and as a person.

I am thinking about going vegi i think that will be a good first step, and i would like to move on from Mindfulness of breathing and try some new meditations.

So from next monday ii will be running again i have been once or twice a week but i think i should step that up to every other day , and as soon as i have moved and settled the gym is back on the cards.

I think also re-joining the classes at the Nottingham Buddhist centre will be a good move forward.

*edit* just enrolled on a beginner course with them starting on the 10th

I know this is going to be a crazy mad couple of months but i feel ready for it, it also kinda feel like i am leaving behind a part of me with this house and moving forward.

I hope you are all well? and *peace* to you all

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