Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

about to go to my first day

So my new job starts today....EEEK and i already can not find my birth cert and various ID but i have worked for the company before so i will have a really good look around tonight.

I spent the past 2 days with my wonderful and always adorable baby girl and her mum....we went for walks played games and had a lot of fun it was good to relax and enjoy the wonderful life that we have created.

I also while Mia was sleeping or playing with her mum managed to design my first website in a few years for Aim HIgh Martial Arts and i am pleased with it, i am now awaiting feedback and will proceed from there.

Life is good, busy and manic but that is how i like happy little me.

I plan on seeing Mia again this weekend for a couple of days and trying to fit in rehearsing my new dialogue before i am on the streets fundraising again.

SO many changes in the past year ,changes in career , a baby and a house PHEW i am beginning to settle now and look around and smile......

Right now i must go grab a shower and bounce to work 

Tags: aimhigh, kickboxing, kwauwau, mia, work
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