Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

So is street fundraising (chugging) pretty much dead?

Years ago when i started working on the street fundraising it was easy to walk up to a person chat with them and simply with a lot of passion and little cheek convince them that signing up was a good idea.......

Fast forward to this is not the case we have to be sales people and i for one do not think this is a good thing, people have already been approached, door knocked etc MANY times and the ones that are kind hearted and would sign up already have.

Most people are far more aware of there budgets and just how tight they are thanks to a bleak economic climate of the past few years

We can not be the completely non pushy , moral ethical fundraiser any more we have to be more pushy and that leads to some thinking this is a sales game and the Sky news report

I don't think with the demise of Gift and all that entails and current financial climate we can continue to work as the nice happy , slightly crazy passionate people and hit target ( 3 a day ) 

I know i am finding that hard right now and i am looking at being fired by the end of the day...BUT i also dont want to force people into  signing up i know i CAN i have a lot of pushy sales training and experience BUT this is charity the very act of giving HAS to be a choice not something you are forced into yeah?

So with various fundraising companies all fighting over the sites, clients and staff that Gift left if there really a place for a person who simply believes in the Charities he works for and does'nt want to be a sales person out there?

The answer is NO there is not and sooner or later charities are going to realise that most of the staff they have out there wearing there logo are mostly very pushy sales people with high attrition and more than likely move in house or stop hiring face to face companies and that is if we do not all get banned by local councils first.

It was fun while it lasted and a shame that those times have passed i met some AMAZING people and had FANTASTIC times , it seems i am an old school fundraiser i work on passion and belief that the charity i am working is a great thing for people to be involved with and if they say no and mean it i let them get on with there with a  smile and "thank you"

I do not pitch, bank walk, match steps, drop close, 5 step , use sheep tactics or many of the other "techniques" used by some and maybe because of that i am not getting the "numbers" well i have news for the guys that do THOSE people you convince will cancel and you are stealing from charities if they cancel before the first year ............

So i will be looking at a few jobs with "in house" teams tonight and then maybe thinking about re focusing my career to something else.
Tags: chuggers, fundraising, gift, sad, sky news
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