Alan Clarke (technomouse) wrote,
Alan Clarke

odd thought for the day

I have just realised that i have been effectively single for over a year now!!

And more importantly i am happy with my life the way it is...i LOVE being a dad to my wonderful baby girl, i adore my new house (even though i do no spend much time here), i have wonderful friends and really do not miss the complex nonsense that most of my past relationships were.

I find myself wondering how my ex's are sometimes...i wonder how Carrie is and where her life has taken her...

I am super unsure were my career (if i even have one) is going and what i am going to do next? I see this though as a very minor concern everything else is ACE

Being a dad/father has really given me so so much, i have a new found calm about life and happiness that says "everything is ok" every time i hold my baby girl.

So while i do not know where i am heading job wise i find that exciting rather than daunting and see it as a new and fun step instead of something scary.

I went for a run yesterday and will again today i need to be fitter for my little Squidge.
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